Water Main Leak – Ball Ground, GA

This quick video shows the basics of a water main repair in our hometown of Ball Ground. This customer complained of a small wet spot in the front yard that persisted for a few weeks and wanted us to come out to take a look. When Jon arrived, he turned off the water shut off in the house and observed that the meter was still spinning. This shows that the leak is definitely between the water meter and the house on the main line.

In some cases, we would need to use a sensitive listening device for water main leak locating, but the persistent wet spot made this not necessary. After a little digging, we found and repaired the leak and got this customer’s water back on. Because we didn’t have to do any locating, we saved the customer money and still got the job done fast.

The tools, experience, and compassion are what make Performance Plumbing the Best Leak Repair Company in Ball Ground. Check out our 5 star reviews and give us a call to see why!