Ball Ground, GA, Clogged Toilet Repair Services

Need reliable clogged toilet repair in Ball Ground, GA, or nearby towns in Cherokee County like Jasper and Canton? Call Performance Plumbing for expert advice.

A clogged toilet or toilet drain is not only unpleasant but unsanitary. You need a solution as soon as possible in Ball Ground, GA. Our team at Performance Plumbing has the experience and equipment to deal with clogs quickly and effectively.

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Toilet Maintenance & Tune-Up in Ball Ground, Georgia

Want to stave off a toilet repair and keep your toilet drain clear? Annual maintenance is the best way to keep your plumbing running smoothly.

For residents in Ball Ground, GA, and the surrounding areas, our Performance Plumbing team brings in state-of-the-art video equipment to check the inside of your pipes for potential issues.

If we see a significant sediment accumulation, we advise jet-cleaning to clear the pipes. We’ll also check for cracks and other weaknesses that might progress to more expensive issues later.

Clogged Toilet Repair Services in Cherokee County

Is your toilet blocked? Here are some steps you can take before you call us for clogged toilet repair:

  • Stop flushing: Flushing just increases the risk of the toilet overflowing. The bowl empties thanks to the force of gravity and the vacuum that forms in the trapway. If the water doesn’t drain away, leaving the toilet paper behind, flushing won’t help.
  • Leave the toilet alone: Close it up and leave it for about half an hour. Check the water level when you get back. If the water drains completely, you can flush the toilet and see if that resolves the issue.
  • Fetch the correct type of plunger: Allow as much water to drain out as possible and get the plunger out. Make sure it’s one with a horn for a toilet specifically, as a drain-clearing model won’t work.
  • Use the plunger: Start slowly and ensure you create a good seal. Push the horn using strong pressure and let the bell fill before pushing the body firmly and slowly once.
  • Stand back and see what happens: Remove the plunger and see if the water level drops. If it does, let it drain completely and then flush it.
  • Plunge again if necessary: If the water doesn’t drain away, replace the plunger and repeat the process. If this doesn’t work after another two or three tries, you need to look for another solution.
  • Don’t use a closet auger: You can buy these tools in the hardware store to unclog a toilet. We don’t recommend using these because they can scratch the plumbing and the trapway if you don’t know how to use them properly.
  • Give us a call: If the plunger doesn’t work, you need a professional solution for clogged toilet repair. Call our Performance Plumbing team for speedy assistance and a quick resolution.

You can also call us straight away if you don’t want to deal with the aggravation. We especially recommend this if you believe your child dropped something like a toy or a toothbrush down the toilet.

When the problem’s due to a foreign body, it’s better to have a professional assist you. If these items get past the trapway, they can cause significant damage or further blockage in the system. This makes it even more challenging to repair the problem.

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Toilet Installation & Replacement in the Atlanta Metro Area

A new toilet can change the look of a bathroom and improve efficiency overnight. However, we know that no one relishes the idea of any type of renovation. That’s why we make it as effortless as possible for residents in Ball Ground, GA residents and beyond.

At Performance Plumbing, we offer a range of the latest technology, including pressure-assisted or one-piece toilets. Our team helps you find the best make and model for your needs and installs it expertly. We’ll then remove the old toilet for you free of charge.

Is it time to replace your toilet? It may be if the following apply:

  • Old age: Toilets last for many years, but they do show signs of wear and tear. As technology changes, finding new parts like valves, flappers, and seats becomes more difficult. Also, the older the unit, the more likely things will go wrong.
  • Cracks: A cracked toilet bowl may not leak immediately, but it will worsen with age. The fracture damages the bowl’s structural integrity until it can no longer take any weight. At that stage, the toilet crumbles, leading to significant water damage.
  • Chips: Chips are less severe than cracks, depending on their location. A small chip in the base or rim won’t impact the toilet’s performance much, but it’s worth budgeting for a replacement. There’s always a chance that the chip will cause a crack to develop.
  • Recurrent clogs: Plumbing technology changes over time. Older systems may not work as well as they should or may experience recurrent blockages. At this stage, it’s best to replace them.
  • Wear and tear: Sometimes, the toilet may look old and dingy. If it develops scratches, these create an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Not only is the toilet more difficult to clean, but it becomes increasingly unhygienic.
  • Low efficiency: If you notice an increase in your water bills, your toilet might be leaking. If you have a very old toilet, it may pay to replace it, even if it’s working well. The reason is that newer models use less water and operate better.

Are you looking for clogged toilet repair or replacement in Ball Ground, GA, and surrounding towns like Kennesaw and Hickory Flat? Call our Performance Plumbing team at 404-637-9017 to schedule service.