Ball Ground, GA, Repiping Services

Do you want reliable repiping services in Ball Ground, GA, or surrounding towns like Holly Springs and Big Canoe? Call us for expert assistance!

Repiping falls into retrofits and piper repairs. The difference depends on the extent of the damage to your plumbing and how old the system is. As your professional repipe contractor in Ball Ground, GA, the Performance Plumbing team is happy to educate you about the differences before you sign up for house repiping services.

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What Are Pipe Retrofits in Ball Ground, Georgia?

Repiping or retrofitting involves replacing some or all of the pipes in your plumbing system.

Typically, this is because you have changing needs or large portions of your system that are no longer viable. You may also have an older home in Ball Ground, GA, that needs some work.

Replacing the piping allows you to conserve water and save money. Older pipes are more likely to leak or burst, causing extensive water damage. Even minor leaks can cause major damage by creating the ideal conditions for mold growth.

Our expert team can help replace the plumbing and tired, old fixtures so that you have the most efficient system. At Performance Plumbing, we partner with the best manufacturers to ensure the components we use are durable and operate flawlessly.

What Are Pipe Repairs in Cherokee County?

Repiping services may also include extensive pipe repairs. Instead of replacing the plumbing, our Performance Plumbing team will patch the damage in these cases. In our area, pipes take a lot of strain because they’re under high pressure.

In winter at Ball Ground, GA, and beyond, there’s a good chance of the plumbing freezing. If those pipes burst, you need us to repair them.

The primary difference between repairs and retrofitting is that the former is usually more of an emergency. However, if you put off repiping for too long, you may find your home flooding.

Our team will give you their honest opinion about whether a patch will work or whether it’s better to do a retrofit. We look at the condition of the entire system and make our recommendation based on the most cost-effective solution for the long term.

Looking at something simpler, like upgrading to a tankless water heater instead? Speak to our Performance Plumbing team about how much energy these systems can save you in North Metro Atlanta.

When You Need House Repiping Services in the Atlanta Metro Area

Whether you need repairs or repiping depends on the nature of the damage. However, the results of avoiding either are very similar. Also, the causes of damage that result in you needing us are pretty much the same in both cases.

You should call Performance Plumbing for services in Ball Ground, GA, and beyond to:

  • Mend broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged plumbing. If the water won’t run or the drains won’t empty, you need help.
  • Upgrade your existing system to one that better fits your changing needs.
  • Improve your overall system’s performance.
  • Rectify installation errors or add extra plumbing for new installations.
  • Install new technology.

When you need reliable repiping services, call our Performance Plumbing team at 404-637-9017 today for your free estimate. Whether you’re in Ball Ground, GA, or nearby towns like Canton and Jasper, we’re ready to assist.