Ball Ground, GA, Sewer Line Repairs

We're your go-to team when you need professional sewer line repairs in Ball Ground, GA, and nearby towns like Canton and Woodstock. Give us a call!

A problem with your sewer system is not only unpleasant but also unhealthy. If you can smell raw sewage, you and your family are at risk, so you need help quickly. Performance Plumbing is ready to serve you in Ball Ground, GA, and beyond.

As your sewer contractor, we offer main sewer line replacement, installation, and repair. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art equipment to pinpoint the issue in the sewer line and our extensive expertise to affect repairs.

Have a clogged shower drain in Cherokee County? We’ll get that clog out so you can shower in peace again.

Sewer Line Repair in Ball Ground, Georgia

What are some signs you need to call us for sewer line repairs in Ball Ground, GA?

  • Slow emptying drains or toilets.
  • More than one drain is blocked at a time.
  • A bubbling sound in the toilet when you empty the sink.
  • Water backs up in your sink, toilet, or tub.
  • There’s a distinct smell of sewage outside your home.
  • Water is pooling nearby the sewer pipe.
  • Drains are slow to empty or will not empty at all.

At Performance Plumbing, we use a video camera to find out where along the line the clog is. Then, we use a sewer snake to remove the blockage effectively. This tool has an auger at the tip that we adjust to fit the pipe properly.

We insert the tool and push it right up against the clog. With a few twists and turns, we tangle the auger with whatever is causing the blockage and then draw it out carefully. While this seems easy, performing the task without damaging the pipes requires experience.

Sewer Line Maintenance & Tune-Ups in Cherokee County

To stave off expensive sewer repair and sewer line replacement, the Performance Plumbing team recommends an annual check-up.

During these checks, we insert a high-definition video camera into the plumbing and check for cracks, chips, and other signs of weakness. If we pick signs of damage, we’ll determine whether we can line the area with epoxy to fix it or if you need more extensive repairs.

If we detect large amounts of sediment or other debris restricting the water flow in the pipes, we may recommend hydro-jetting or using a sewer snake. In either case, we remove the accumulated debris, reducing the chances of a clog down the line.

Is your home’s plumbing in good condition overall? Speak to us about a whole home plumbing inspection in North Metro Atlanta to find out.

Sewer Line Installation & Replacements in the Atlanta Metro Area

Do you have a new build and require a new sewer line installation? Or, is your home aging gracefully so that you need a sewer drain replacement? In either respect, Performance Plumbing is the team for you.

We recommend regular maintenance to maximize your return on investment, as the following items can cause your plumbing to age prematurely:

  • Clogs
  • Corrosive soil
  • Fractures
  • Collapsed earth
  • Tree roots
  • Septic tank issues

Our professional and clean technicians in Ball Ground, GA, will assist with everything from designing the system. This ensures it runs at the perfect grade to the final installation and maintenance.

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Performance Plumbing is your leading team for sewer line repairs in Ball Ground, GA, and as far afield as Kennesaw and Hickory Flat. Call us at 404-637-9017 to schedule service today!