Ball Ground, GA, Drain Cleaning Services

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As an experienced drain contractor, we understand that drain issues differ, so we tailor our approach to address any drain problem in the best way possible. We also offer free in-person estimates and never charge a service call fee. Contact us for straightforward pricing.

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Signs You Need Clogged Drain Repair in Cherokee County

Don’t wait for your toilet to clog or the kitchen sink to overflow before calling a drain cleaning service. Often, a problematic drain will show symptoms of a clog or disrepair. Don’t hesitate to call in an expert whenever you have a clogged drain.

However, we often advise our clients in Ball Ground, GA, and the nearby areas to try simple DIY solutions to unclog drains before calling for help. A baking soda and vinegar solution could be all you need to clear a blocked drain.

Similarly, single-use plastic trap snakes typically found at big box stores effectively remove hair or debris at the drain strainer or pop-up assembly. Stay alert for the following symptoms of a drain in need of professional attention:

  • Slow draining
  • Gurgling or bubbling noises
  • Fruit flies
  • A foul odor
  • Standing water

Contact our drug-tested and background-checked technicians if you suspect a drain pipe issue. At Performance Plumbing, we’ll diagnose your pipes and find the best way to restore proper flow to your plumbing system.

Top-Notch Drain Maintenance in the Atlanta Metro Area

Without routine drain maintenance, all the dirt, grease, hair, food particles, and soap that make their way through your plumbing system can wreak havoc on your drain lines.

Regular drain cleaning will help minimize drain issues and potential property damage. Keep up with drain maintenance to enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Fewer clogs and faster drainage
  • A clean and healthy environment
  • No more slow drains or foul odors
  • Enhanced pipe longevity
  • Money savings from reduced repairs
  • Lower risk of overflows and floods

Do you need a sewer video inspection? Contact our North Metro Atlanta plumbers for on-time service and flat-rate pricing.

Easy Ways to Prevent Drain Clogs in Your North Georgia Home

Watching what goes down your drains allows you to stay ahead of the curve and prevent clogs before they happen. The following simple steps can help you prevent a drain clog:

  • Dispose of oil, grease, and fats in the trash can rather than down the drain
  • Run hot water through all drains regularly
  • Use a drain catcher
  • Avoid flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the toilet

Frequent clogs point to an underlying issue that needs further investigation. In this case, your sewer drain could benefit from Performance Plumbing’s sewer cleaning service. We offer on-time service at flat-rate pricing in Ball Ground, GA, and beyond.

If you have drain issues, don’t wait! Call our Performance Plumbing team at 404-637-9017 for professional drain cleaning services backed by a satisfaction guarantee. We proudly serve residential and commercial clients in Ball Round, GA, and nearby areas like Hickory Flat and Milton.