Ball Ground, GA, Bathroom Remodeling Services

When it’s time for bathroom remodeling in Ball Ground, GA, or surrounding areas like Jasper and Canton, call Performance Plumbing. We deliver the results you want, guaranteed!

A modern bathroom renovation is a quick and easy way to update your Ball Ground, GA home. Working with our Performance Plumbing team means minimizing inconvenience and making your dream bathroom a reality.

We’re your go-to team whether you want to create a serene spa-like getaway or a fully functional family bathroom. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Don’t worry about service call fees when you contact us today.

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The Bathroom Remodeling Process in Ball Ground, Georgia

Our team at Performance Plumbing is here to make the bathroom remodeling process as simple as possible. Our tried and tested method ensures flawless results in every job in Ball Ground, GA, and the surrounding area:

  • Preplanning is the initial stage, where we discuss your vision and come up with a workable design. Here, we decide where to put the sunken shower or jacuzzi so that there are no expensive surprises later.
  • The planning stage is where we’re getting ready for the work to happen. You have the basic layout, so it’s time to choose the design features like faucets and finishes. Now’s when we apply for permits and order everything.
  • We recommend leaving the house on demolition day because it can get loud. At this stage, we get to peek behind the scenes and see if pipes, wires, and other things are behind the walls. We relook at the design to ensure it’s still viable.
  • The rough-in phase is when the technical side of things starts. Here the contractors frame the wall, install new wiring and plumbing, and place and connect the fixtures. Where necessary, inspectors usually visit during this stage.
  • The wall and floor covering phase make your bathroom look more liveable again. We cover all the wiring, paint, and tile as necessary during this stage. If you want to tweak the color scheme, this is the time.
  • We install the cabinets, mirrors, doors, windows, and countertops during the permanent furniture stage. We also completed the trim, so the bones of the space are done.
  • In the trim-out stage, the contractors put the finishing touches on the electrics and plumbing. After this, they can install the accessories like shower heads and lights.
  • Finally, we conduct a walk-through to ensure everything is correct. We recommend you accompany us and check things like filling up the basin to ensure the overflow works.

Shower Repair & Replacement in Cherokee County

Bathroom remodeling can mean gutting the entire space and starting from scratch. It can also mean installing a new shower enclosure or a shower replacement. Even something as simple as a shower head replacement qualifies at a stretch.

What counts is getting a better functioning and more aesthetically pleasing bathroom. Our Performance Plumbing team is ready to assist with every repair or upgrade you wish to make. Call us to install a low flow showerhead or unclog a drain.

Tub Replacement & Repair in the Atlanta Metro Area

Looking for a new tub installation or tub replacement in Ball Ground, GA, and beyond to usher in a new year and new design style?

Speak to our team about bathtub repair in North Georgia, and we’ll advise you. At Performance Plumbing, we work with an extensive range of quality suppliers, so your bathtub installation or repair is flawless.

Fixtures Repair & Replacement in North Georgia

No one likes changing out fixtures during a bathroom renovation because it’s messy. Our bathroom remodeling team offers complete:

  • Toilet replacement
  • Toilet installation
  • Bathroom sink installation
  • Bathroom sink replacement
  • Faucet installation
  • Faucet replacement

At Performance Plumbing, we repair what we can. If not, we will help you find a suitable replacement. In some cases, it doesn’t take much to change the look of your bathroom and make it more functional.

For example:

  • Wall-mount bathroom sinks allow for maximum use of a smaller space.
  • Pedestal sinks make for excellent standalone features.
  • Bathroom vessel sinks will enable you to express your individuality better.
  • Under-mount bathroom sinks offer a modern take on the standard basin.
  • A drop-in bathroom sink is always a winner.

Aside from the types of fixtures, changing up the materials adds interest. Coated cast iron or decorative metal look fantastic in an older-style bathroom, while molded stone or stainless steel brings things up to date.

Worried about your limited budget? Then stick to simple porcelain fixtures that look great in any space. Our team will help you choose the right option for your space, lifestyle, and budget.

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Common Bathroom Issues in Greater Atlanta

A clogged bathroom sink or toilet are just two of many issues that can go wrong in this area, although they are the most common. Others include dripping faucets, leaky tubs, and loose handles.

Call Performance Plumbing for a quick and permanent solution in Ball Ground, GA, and beyond whenever any of these issues strike. To keep clogs at bay, you can follow these helpful tips:

  • Don’t flush anything down the toilet except for human waste and toilet paper.
  • Keep a trash bin near the toilet and basin so people can easily throw rubbish away. This includes cotton swabs, hygiene products, and other consumables.
  • If you use rose petals and similar things in the bath, scoop them out and throw them in the bin before emptying the water.

Is it time to tackle bathroom remodeling? Entrust your project to the leading team in Ball Ground, GA, Holly Springs, Woodstock, and other towns in Greater Atlanta. Call our experts at Performance Plumbing at 404-637-9017 to schedule service today!