Avoid Halloween Plumbing Scares With Expert Plumbing Tips

Skip Plumbing Problems This Autumn 

A malfunctioning water heater, burst pipe, leaking faucet, clogged sewer line, and other plumbing problems can quickly cause terror for homeowners. If not repaired immediately, these can cause significant – and expensive – effects like high water bills, flooding, and water damage. In this post, plumbers offer expert advice for homeowners on how to avoid plumbing problems, from tips on preventing clogs to the importance of maintenance.

Tips to Avoid Clogs

drain If a homeowner is showering or brushing their teeth and notices the water isn’t draining as fast as it usually does, it can indicate a clogged drain or sewer line. While clogs can happen occasionally, they are still problematic for property owners. They can cause slow draining, bad smells, leaks, and even lead to sewage backups. 

But there are ways households can avoid these problems from clogs. To avoid clogs, homeowners can use mesh screens over their drains. They will collect hair, food, soap scum, and more before they can go down the drain and lead to blockages. People should also be careful what goes down the kitchen sink, even if the drain has a garbage disposal. Food waste can cause problems with garbage disposals and also cause clogging in the pipes, including coffee grounds, pasta, rice, potato peels, stringy vegetables, and grease and oil. 

Households should also be careful about what they flush down the toilet. Certain items that families may think are safe to flush actually lead to clogs in the sewer line. The only thing that should be flushed is toilet paper. Another easy way to prevent clogs is hydrojet drain cleaning, which uses high-pressure water to remove any buildup from pipes.

Importance of Plumbing Maintenance

There are a lot of tips homeowners can follow to keep their plumbing systems working correctly, but one of the most important is to schedule plumbing maintenance and inspections about once a year. Routine maintenance helps prevent large problems, extend the life of the plumbing, and save homeowners money.

Routine plumbing maintenance allows plumbers to inspect the plumbing system and detect problems before they become worse issues. Plumbers will check for problems with water pressure, piping, and plumbing fixtures, ensuring everything is operating correctly, and make repairs if not.  

Why Households Need Water Heater Maintenance

water heaterAnother way to prevent household plumbing problems is to schedule annual water heater maintenance. This is essential because families rely on their water heater to cook, bathe, do laundry, and perform other daily tasks. Scheduling water heater maintenance will keep water heaters running more efficiently, extend their lifespan, prevent problems, and reduce utility bills. 

During water heater maintenance services, plumbers will drain and flush the tank to remove sediment buildup, replace the anode rod if needed, check valves and temperature settings, and look for leaks, corrosion, and other problems to ensure it’s working correctly.

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