Gathering of Friends 2021

As a 2nd year sponsor of the tournament, we felt very comfortable in our relationship with the Gathering Of Friends. We were planning earlier, and more involved than before. They helped us design a new shirt and we had to make 50% more of them due to the rising polularity of the event. Jon’s brother and brother-in-law represented Performance Plumbing in the tournament, and Jon, Tabitha and their kids spent the day at The Tavern watching the golfers and greeting them as they finished the course.

The awards ceremony was another wonderful experience. In addition to the celebration of the win, there was much celebration in the donations raised and the addition of the Loving Arms Cancer Outreach to the American Cancer Society as donation recipients. The stories of strength and encouragement from the guest speakers was truly moving. As the day came to a close, over $50,000 had been raised and donated!