Gathering of Friends 2020

In 2020 Performance Plumbing was given the opportunity to join the donors for the Gathering of Friends Charity Golf Tournament. The opportunity was to supply the tournament with t-shirts that could be handed out to all participants in the tournament. We were happy to do this, and worked with them to design and print a shirt that would be a great momento for the golfers and staff to keep. In addition, we added a monetary donation to help push the cause towards its goal of $50,000 donated to the American Cancer Society.

Wwe were able to have some family of our founders play in the tournament and we were represented at the awards ceremony. Seeing all of the golfers and their families come together for the awards ceremony and then seeing the check given to the American Cancer Society was all that we needed to solidify Performance Plumbing as a long time sponser of this event. Even with Covid restrictions and fears, they were still able to raise over $40,000 to donate to American Cancer Society.