Improve a Home’s Water Quality in 2024 With a Water Filtration System

All About Whole House Water Filters

Households need to know that when they shower, bathe, do laundry, or even drink tap water, their water is safe and healthy. Unfortunately, bacteria, chlorine, and other contaminants can get into a home’s water supply, putting a household’s health at risk.

To eliminate these substances from the water, households can install a whole home water filter. This post will explain how water filtration systems work and some different types, the benefits they provide, and the signs they should be installed in a home. 

How Water Filtration Systems Work

reverse osmosisWater filtration systems work to remove harmful bacteria and contaminants from a home’s water supply. Numerous systems can do this in different ways, and some are better at targeting specific pollutants than others. Homeowners can consult a plumber to figure out which unit is best for their house.

Some of the most popular types of whole-house water filtration systems are:

  • Carbon Water Filters: These popular filters absorb contaminants to purify the home’s water supply. Activated carbon is highly effective at capturing water-borne pollutants.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: These filters are also popular as they prevent contaminants and other substances from flowing through the reverse osmosis membrane, only letting water through.
  • UV Water Purifiers: These units use ultraviolet light to neutralize bacteria and viruses to clean and sanitize the water.
  • Distillation Systems: These units filter water by turning water into steam that evaporates and leaves behind the contaminants, then condenses the steam back to pure water. 

Advantages of Water Filtration Systems

clear water When homeowners get a water filter installation, they can experience many benefits, including:

  • Better tasting and smelling water.
  • Elimination of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants in the water.
  • Safer and healthier water. 
  • Money savings by not needing to buy bottled water.

When to Install a Water Filtration System

To keep their family safe and healthy, homeowners need to install a whole-house water filtration system if they notice signs of contaminants or water supply problems. Some symptoms that can indicate property owners should get a water filtration system are if the water has an odd taste or smell and if it has a brownish tint or looks cloudy.

Property owners can also have their water quality tested to accurately determine which contaminants are in their water supply, helping them choose the best water filtration system for their household. Even if homeowners don’t notice signs of a polluted water supply, a water filter will make their water cleaner and safer, so it’s never bad. 

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