Why Your Shower Has Poor Water Pressure

Possible Reasons for Low Water Pressure in Your Shower

A shower should provide a relaxing experience for homeowners. If a person gets in and is instead greeted with low water pressure, it can take the comfort out of bathing and indicate a problem with the showerhead, water heater, or plumbing system. Many issues can cause low water pressure in showers, and this post will explain some possible causes. 

Water Heater Issues

water heater A malfunctioning water heater is one possible cause of low water pressure in the shower. To narrow down the possibility, it is more likely the case if the home only experiences low water pressure with hot water.

Some water heater issues that can lead to water pressure troubles include:

  • If there is a sediment buildup in the hot water tank and hot water lines
  • If there is corrosion inside the tank or in the pipes
  • If there is a faulty pressure regulator that can no longer control the water pressure
  • If the valves are closed or partially closed
  • If the water heater is undersized for the household
  • If there is a clog or a leak in the water heating system
  • If the water heater is aging and can no longer maintain the right water pressure 

If homeowners suspect their water heater is causing poor water pressure, they should hire a plumber to inspect and repair the system.

Leaks or Clogs in the Pipes

When determining what causes low water pressure in the shower, plumbers can also look for leaks or clogs in the pipes, which can cause poor water pressure in multiple fixtures and with both hot and cold water depending on where in the plumbing system they are located. 

A leak can cause poor water pressure because some of the water leaks out of the pipes before it reaches the desired plumbing fixture. Clogs can also cause low water pressure by blocking the entire volume of water from properly flowing through the pipes. Plumbers can use special equipment to check the piping for leaks and clogs and then fix them to restore water pressure. 

Blocked Showerhead 

showerhead service Another possible cause of poor water pressure in the shower, which is more likely if the water pressure problems occur with hot and cold water from only one showerhead, is that the showerhead is clogged. Scale or mineral buildup can block the showerhead nozzle’s holes, reducing the water pressure. 

If this is the case, the showerhead can be replaced or removed, soaked, and cleaned to unclog them. However, if the showerhead is older, it’s better to replace it with a new, more efficient one. Homeowners experiencing low water pressure in their homes can rely on plumbers to find and fix the underlying cause. 

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