Ways Homeowners Can Identify Water Leaks

How Homeowners Can Detect Leaks to Avoid More Water Damage and Expensive Bills

When a burst pipe or water leak occurs in a house, it can quickly cause major water damage and high water costs. To avoid these problems from getting worse and limit the damage, it’s essential for property owners to promptly identify leaks and have them repaired. This article will offer tips to help people identify leaks, including signs of a leak, high water bills, and a running water meter. 

What Symptoms Signal a Leak?

Many signs of leaks can alert homeowners to a leak in their houses. While it can be obvious that there’s a leak or burst pipe in a house when homeowners are standing in water, there are also other signs property owners should watch for. Wet spots or water stains on the walls, floors, or ceilings and evidence of mold or mildew are signs of a leak. 

Homeowners should also pay attention to reduced water pressure from fixtures, the sound of running water when water is not in use, and other signs of water damage that can signal a leak. Homeowners should schedule leak detection and repair with a plumber at the first signs of a problem to avoid further water damage.

Costly Water Bills 

bills Homeowners should also pay attention to their water bills to determine if they have a leak. When water costs rise, but the household hasn’t used more water than usual, it can indicate there is a leak in the system, wasting water and causing costs to increase. 

To prevent water damage and more costly water bills, homeowners should call a plumber as soon as they suspect a leak in their plumbing system. The quicker a plumber can assess and repair the problem, the less water will be wasted, and more money can be saved. 

Water Meter Runs When Water Isn’t Being Used 

water meter A tactic many homeowners might overlook when determining if they have a leak is to examine the water meter. When households suspect they have a leak, they should find their water meter and run a test. If the meter continues to run when water is not being used, it can indicate a leak in the plumbing system. 

Before checking the water meter, homeowners should first ensure all plumbing fixtures, appliances that use water, and sprinkler systems are turned off. Don’t overlook sprinklers that are set on timers or forget that the dishwasher is on. Some meters have a leak indicator that makes it obvious there’s a leak, but even water meters without them can be used to identify leaks. 

Once no water is used, homeowners should record the reading on the water meter, wait an hour after not using any water, and then recheck the water meter’s reading. If the reading has changed without using any water, it can indicate a leak that is wasting water. Homeowners should call a plumber to perform water leak detection services if they suspect a leak.

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A Basic Plumbing Education for Homeowners

Plumbing Basics You Need to Know

Plumbing emergencies and problems can cause significant damage to homes. Leaks, burst pipes, and other issues can lead to water damage – which can cause damaged flooring, walls, furniture, mold growth, and other problems.

To avoid and catch these problems before they cause major damage and costs, homeowners need to learn more about their plumbing systems. This post will share the basics – including how to spot the signs of a problem with the plumbing system, fixture upgrades that can save money, and why to schedule regular maintenance services.

Plumbing Fixtures That Can Save on Water Costs

plumbing fixturesIf property owners notice their water bills increasing or are too high, it could be due to an issue with their plumbing. If their plumbing or fixtures like faucets, shower heads, or toilets are malfunctioning or leaking, it can result in wasted water and higher bills.

Additionally, older plumbing fixtures can be inefficient and use more water than needed. To lower their water bills, homeowners can schedule water-efficient plumbing fixture installations of new water-saving devices, including:

  • Water-saving toilets come in many types, such as dual flush and pressure assisted toilets, and reduce the amount of water used each time the toilet is flushed, saving on water costs.
  • Low-flow showerheads use less water while still providing good water pressure, reducing water bills.
  • Water-saving faucets have aerators that can reduce the water used by a faucet using air, saving water costs.

Making these changes and installing these new fixtures can save homeowners money and reduce water usage to help with water conservation.

Common Signs of Plumbing Problems

high water billsHomeowners need to be able to recognize the signs that indicate issues with a plumbing system so they can call a plumber and ensure the problem is repaired quickly before it leads to water damage or other issues. Some signs of plumbing problems plumbers recommend property owners watch for include:

  • Odd noises coming from the plumbing can indicate several problems with the plumbing
  • Reduced water pressure from the showerheads or faucets can indicate a leak, clog, or another issue
  • Foul odors coming from drains can indicate a clog or blockage
  • Slow-draining sinks or bathtubs can also signal a clog or a blockage
  • High water bills can indicate a leak, while high energy costs can be a sign of issues with the water heater

Plumbing Maintenance

One of the most important tips plumbers have for homeowners is to schedule routine plumbing maintenance on their plumbing systems. During maintenance, professionals can inspect the plumbing and identify issues that need repair or wear and tear that can lead to larger problems later.

Plumbing maintenance has many benefits for homeowners and their plumbing systems. Maintenance visits allow plumbers to catch problems early before more damage and costs occur. Routine maintenance can also extend the life of the plumbing, prevent issues and repairs, and save homeowners money.

About Performance Plumbing

Performance Plumbing has been serving Ball Ground and the surrounding areas since 2016. They offer straightforward pricing, financing, and free in-person estimates. Call them today for plumbing services in Ball Ground, GA.