Ball Ground, GA, Basement Finishing & Remodeling Services

Basement finishing & remodeling can transform lost space into a useful area in your home. Call us for service in Ball Ground, GA, and the surrounding towns of Cumming and Hickory Flat.

The basement could be a better space for many Ball Ground, GA, homeowners. It may be damp and cold, suitable only for storing things you don’t care about. What if you could turn that around and create a fun family room or guest bedroom? Performance Plumbing is here to help!

With our help, you can take full advantage of all the space in your home. Our expert team assists with finishing or remodeling your basement so that it becomes one of your favorite spaces in your home.

Want to put in a laundry or den? What about adding an extra bathroom and bedroom? We can assist with all of our building and plumbing experience.

Want to remodel your bathroom? Our North Georgia experts can help you bring this crucial space up to date.

The Difference Between Basement Remodeling and Finishing in Ball Ground, Georgia

Remodeling and basement finishing sound like the same thing to most people. However, professionals in Ball Ground, GA, have distinct differences.

Remodeling refers to large tasks like adding walls, flooring, and plumbing. These all involve messy construction, but all the tasks are critical in making the space liveable. A remodel is a complete renovation.

Finishing completes this process by adding electrical wiring, drywall, and cosmetic touches like painting. Therefore, you can remodel the space and make it liveable. Finishing takes it that one step further and makes it comfortable.

How Long Does it Take to Finish a Basement in Cherokee County?

How long basement finishing and remodeling takes depends on the project’s scope.

For example, a complete renovation can take between four and eight weeks. Meanwhile, a simple refinishing that entails putting up drywall or painting the space can take as little as a few days.

Our expert Performance Plumbing team will provide an accurate timeline after seeing the space and discussing your project with you.

Why not take this opportunity to upgrade your kitchen sink as well? We’re Cherokee County’s preferred renovation team.

When to Consider a Basement Finishing Service in the Atlanta Metro Area

Can you put up drywall and paint the basement yourself? Probably, if you have enough time to do so.

However, more complex tasks like wiring and plumbing are best left to the professionals like Performance Plumbing. Before you decide to take on the work, we suggest thinking it over.

Home renovation can be messy, even when you have a professional team. We’re in and out of there within eight weeks, and that’s because we’re working on the project every working day.

Assuming you can only work on it at the weekend, how much longer will it take you? Add in that you don’t have the same industrial equipment or experience we have, and the task can drag on for months.

Save yourself the backache and aggravation by relying on our team. We use our industry connections to get you the best deals on supplies and finish the job on time and within budget.

Call our experts at Performance Plumbing at 404-637-9017 for professional basement finishing & remodeling services in Ball Ground, GA, and towns nearby like Canton and Holly Springs.