Ball Ground, GA, Backflow Repair Services

Looking for backflow repair services in Cumming, Holly Springs, or other towns near Ball Ground, GA? Call Performance Plumbing for expert assistance.

The backflow system is something that you probably never think about. Some homeowners don’t know about this system because not everyone needs one in Ball Ground, GA. However, if you have a backwater valve and something goes wrong, you notice it quickly. So, call Performance Plumbing immediately!

If you need backflow repair services, it means that the dirty water flows in the wrong direction. If the valve fails, the pressure from the wastewater forces it back into the system.

At Performance Plumbing, we offer reliable backflow repair and maintenance services to rectify these issues quickly. Our experienced experts use state-of-the-art equipment to find the problem area quickly. They then work speedily to repair the issue.

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Reliable Backflow Repair in Ball Ground, Georgia

Few people even know about these systems until they require backflow repair services. Understanding the concepts at play highlights the importance of these issues.

Backflow occurs when the flow of water within the plumbing system reverses. The danger is that the wastewater will contaminate the fresh water. The valve is what separates the wastewater and your clean water inflow.

So if something goes wrong with any of these elements, the water you drain out of the tub and sinks may mix in with the drinking water in Ball Ground, GA.

Essential Backflow Maintenance Services in Cherokee County

Backflow maintenance services are important because they prevent failures that could lead to water contamination. Testing the system at least once a year is ideal for avoiding issues like sewage backing up into your drinking water.

You can hire Performance Plumbing as a registered backflow tester in Georgia, and be sure that we will perform a thorough check. During this check, we:

  • Switch off the water supply to the property.
  • Focus our inspection specifically on the valves and other components that prevent backflow.
  • Check the type of device and determine the proper flow direction.
  • Number the test cocks and then remove any debris.
  • Assemble the adaptors and shut off the water downstream.

Finally, we attach the test kit hoses. If water leaks through the relief valve, we recheck the first valve and clean it again. We repeat the process until there are no more leaks. As our final step, we check any machinery within the system to ensure it’s in optimal condition.

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Efficient Backflow Installation & Replacements in the Atlanta Metro Area

Do you have a new build or a graceful older home? If so, you may need a new backflow system. Our Performance Plumbing team can help you design the ideal system and lay it out expertly. We’ll install it so that it will last for many years.

When you need expert backflow repair services, Performance Plumbing is your go-to plumbing team in Ball Ground, GA, and the surrounding towns, such as Hickory Flat and Kennesaw. Call us at 404-637-9017 to schedule service or receive a free estimate.