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We know how to fix your slow or blocked drain

Sink and Toilet Augering $150

If you have just one toilet or sink that is slow or backed up, there is likely a clog in that specific drain. There are several ways to address a blocked drain. The most common are chemicals and augers/snakes. a chemical drain cleaner dissolves solids, hair, grease or paper products by chemical reaction. An auger or snake is designed to go through the small ptraps located under your sink or built into your toilet to manually break up the blockage.

Main Sewer Line Snake and Camera $550

If multiple drains in your home are backing up, there is likely a clog in your main sewer line.You may notice a smell in your basement or home, sewage water backing up into your bathtubs or toilets, gurgling noises, slow or no draining.
•Our sewer camera allows us to see into your pipes to inspect for blockages or other piping issues, such as breakages, root intrusion, bellies, or collapsed pipe.•Inspecting your sewer system allows you to be proactive with possible solutions, and prevents possible catastrophic surprises.
*price is for accessible cleanout